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How to choose your best t-shirts

A T-shirt is suitable to any situation varying from disco party, corporate attire or even political rallies, a T-shirt with good fabric and texture is worn by all types of people all over the world .

While choosing a T-shirt these 5 points need to be kept in mind– fabric, colour, design, fitting, and function.

1. Selecting the Right FABRIC 

While choosing a T-Shirt it is of paramount importance to select the right fiber and fabric otherwise you will not feel comfortable wearing the T-shirts made of fiber that doesn’t suit to your skin.

Its’ fabric are sometimes 100% cotton, synthetic fibers, polyster, rayon or mix. For thinner cheaper t-shirts a jersey material is preferred, for thicker t-shirts a sweatshirt jersey is suggested; for costly t-shirts an interlock fabric is the best; Cotton spandex is sometimes used for stretchy t-shirts.

a)Cotton : Cotton is soft, comfortable lightweight and affordable that is why it is used by most of the people cotton T-shirts are cheaper in price and best for team activity or any corporate functions therefore it is the first choice of everyone. Cotton fabrics may shrink that needs to be kept in mind while choosing your right choice for clothing. There are five different types of cotton to consider, each with their own distinct characteristics – Ring-Spun Cotton, Slub Cotton, Organic Cotton, Combed Cotton, Pima Cotton.

b)Polyester : Polyester is usually durable, resistant to stretching and shrinking, and can be dried very quickly. For its’ sturdy and strong quality, polyester T-shirts are recommended for outdoor events, sporting activities, and in harsh climates. We need to keep in mind that it isn’t as breathable as are the cotton or the blended fabric.

c) Blends : Blended fabric has the quality of both Polyester and cotton as well, clubbing  the best characteristics of each. Sometimes rayon is used as well. Blended T-shirts are lightweight and breathable, with wrinkle resistance and durability. Due to its’ wide range of characteristics, T-shirts made of blended materials are the best in all seasons and purposes.

2. Choose The Right COLOR

You can choose one of these colours– white, black, gray and navy.

a) White – suggested for all skin tones. The classic white t-shirt should be part of everyone’s wardrobe. Remember to always wash the white clothes together. Don’t mix white with other colors.

b) Gray – A mixture of different shades – gray virtually enhances our body shape. Sweat marks can be easily seen on the dark colors.

c) Black – Another widely used color option, black suits well with most outfit combinations. Though, the color tends to fade quickly and can be a little harsher during the day.

d) Navy – A more preferable choice than black that is more suitable during the day and great for creating tonal looks when clubbed with jeans.

e) Other Colors – A t-shirt is perhaps the easiest way to experiment with different colors. Greens, reds, purples, and blues are choosy for creating a pop of color under a cardigan or worn on their own. Please ensure the color of the t-shirt doesn’t clash with your skin tone.

3. How To Wear Your T-Shirt of perfect STYLE

The most common style of t-shirts is; polo, v-neck and round-neck with mostly short sleeves. But it does not end there. There are so many different types of t-shirts and many modes of wearing them including layering many t-shirts one over the others – these depend on the trends of the moment and individual’s fashion style.

Should you wear a crew or v-neck?

Crew necks are suitable for those with small chests or sloped shoulders. They help in giving an impression of broader shoulders, giving your body much better look.

V-necks are also good for shorter gents because they give an impression of length and height, elongating the neck. They give balance to men with long necks and small faces.

What about a deep V-neck, a scoop neck or a boat neck? My advice is to have clear idea of these styles. They tend to be fashionable trends that can only be worn tastefully by a select group of people.

4. Get The FIT Right 

Women say that men look more attractive in a fitted white T-shirt. The shape of your top points to the typical patriarch broad shoulders with narrow waist.

So, no matter how you are built, a t-shirt can make you look more masculine; however, there is a dichotomy – it has to fit perfectly and highlight the best attributes of your body without looking like a skin-tight workout T-shirt.

Here are some rules for the perfect fitting t-shirt:

a) Shoulders – The seams of the t-shirt should fit perfectly on the edges of your shoulders.

b) Sleeves – Fitting around the arms and not be past to your elbow. If you have big arms, go for slightly shorter sleeves or have the sleeves a couple of folds to reveal your guns.

c) Length – Your top need to be as long as to be tucked into your trousers, but not so long that it goes below the waist. Please make sure that it extends beyond your hip bones and covers the waistband of your pants.

d) Stomach – Your T should fit slightly to the curves of your body. If it is too loose, your body shape will not be revealed and if it is too tight, very shape of your stomach will be visible. A tapered cut that doesn’t drape your waistline is most flattering.

e) Neck – While you raising your arms, there shouldn’t be a big gap around the neck. It should also not be so tight that makes you feel uncomfortable in moving around. A well-fitting shirt is never restricted but it should also allow for comfortable movements. Skin tight T-shirts should only be worn for sporting events.

5. What Is The FUNCTION Of The T-Shirt?

I am talking about the motto of yours’ wearing a particular t-shirt – nonetheless even before this, type of eve is a consideration. You may not usually be wearing t-shirts to formal events. But if you are wearing one, the type of eves matter a lot. While going to the gym or playing a game of football or a night outing with your friends – all needs different considerations.

If you are willing to create a great first impression, on a date or a party, a colorful shirt is a perfect option.

For sporting events, you need t-shirts that will soak the perspiration and dry up quickly. A fully Polyester (with 100%) along with these properties is preferred for Football Jersey t-shirts. For resting in your home this may be not be comfortable – you will find more comforts in a t-shirt made up of natural fibers preferably the cotton. During winter outings you need a t-shirt with elongated sleeves or even one having a hoodie or even may have layered t-shirt.

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